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An art appraisal is an important legal document, that will describe your artwork in a professional way with precision. It will stipulate the fair market value , or the replacement value. In some extreme cases it will mention a liquidation value. 
Art appraisals may be necessary for tax purposes, insurance claims, division of the assets of an estate, auction sales etc.
We provide art appraisal documentation that includes the artwork and artist description, provenance and auction records for the artist, general assessment of authenticity, quality, condition and fair market value and replacement value.

We only propose a fee for art estimation-evaluation after review of your artwork and only if it has the value to make a report.
We don't accept any art appraisal research if we are not convinced of the authenticity of the artwork. All art appraisals are prepared in accordance with the ASA, IFAA guidelines and standards, as well the guidelines of the American Appraisers Association, the American Society Of Certified Appraisers and all major appraisal associations. The codes and ethics of these associations are strictly applied to our services, even if we want to stay independent of them.
Average value for an oil painting 25" x 20" per artist follow this  LINK
An art appraisal should be coming with an art authentication . We consider that an art appraisal without an art authentication makes no sense. With an art appraisal we provide a short biography of the artist, a comment on the painting, an auction value of the painting, and a gallery value or replacement value of the artwork. To know more about the difference between an art appraisal and an art authentication, the difference between an original or a print and  LINK TO HELP TOPICS
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