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Our art picks in auctions

Our Monthly Auction Picks: $ 5000 up to $ 100,000 
The way to obtain financial security is to save and invest. Your money works for you = Investing. You don’t have to be a genius to make investments in the stock market, you need to form a plan and be ready to stick to it. Investing in fine art is more complicated because there is no information available like you can find for the stock market. Half the art market’s annual sales ($63.7 billion in 2017) are automatically off-limits for the purposes of creating an art index, simply because price disclosure is not required in galleries.

How we make our picks choice
Every month we will pick the best items that we see in auctions worldwide:
- that are of interest to make a profit as an investment, 
- or to contribute to the aesthetic of an art collection,
- or simply the first steps to an art collection.

Each artwork will have 
1/ a complete description of the item, detailing the description of the auctioneer
2/analysis of the painting itself - an evaluation of the authenticity - results of the research we made on the painting
3/ the potential of the resale of the painting - it is easy to buy in an auction, it is much more difficult to sell. 
4/ the maximum bid you should make + the ideal price you should pay for the item. 

We will consider only fine art, such as paintings, gouaches, watercolors, drawings, up to $ 100,000 value.
Unless we speak about important prints by Picasso, Warhol, etc. We will not advise any investment in prints.
We will consider at first:

- the quality of an artwork,

- the rarity,
- the potential investment of an upcoming artist,
- a painting attributed to an old master but of very high quality.

The values may be from 5 thousand $ up to 100 thousand $ 

Our blogs are here to help you
For an elaborated explanation about investing in fine art, please visit our Blog
investment part-1 & investment part -2
You will understand what are the dangers of investing, how long you should keep an artwork, etc 

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