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19th Century Vampire Killing Kit Sparks International Bidding Wa

A kit for killing vampires © Joanna Poe/ Wikimedia Commons Selling for more than six times its estimated price, an antique 19th century vampire killing kit has sparked a bidding war. It's an astonishing object that caused a real bidding war during a sale. Dating back to the 19th century, a kit for killing vampires has generated a lot of covetousness, cnn tells us . It was finally sold for 13,000 pounds, or nearly 15,700 euros. This paraphernalia once belonged to an English aristocrat named Lord William Malcolm Hailey, who served as administrator of British India. For the owner of the auction house Hansons Auctioneers Charles Hanson, "whether out of fear or fascination, it is interesting to know that a member of the highest aristocratic social order, a man with a place in the House of Lords, acquired this object, ” he underlines in the American media.

Crucifixes and holy water This mysterious kit includes all the tools and weapons one would expect to find in a vampire hunter's kit. The box thus contained crucifixes, holy water, a stake and its mallet, rosary beads, a Bible, brass candlesticks, as well as a pair of pistols and a powder flask. This unusual object has attracted bidders from all over the world such as France, the United States and Canada. It was ultimately an anonymous buyer from UK who won the auction. As Charles Hanson points out, nothing tells us if the purchaser intends to use it to fight these mythical creatures.

seen on Geo article Martin Nolibe

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