• gerard van weyenbergh

Street art , art for young people?

The success of Banksy leads behind him a flood of young artists, it's a bit of the locomotive of the market says Guilhem Sadde, just like Shepard Fairy aka Obey, or Miss.Tic .

G. Sadde Dijon auction house proposed a sale on November 13, devoted to Pop & Street art, "including a vinyl after Banksy, an edition piece.

Street Art sales attract a specific audience, younger than the average of those who usually go to auction rooms.

Richard auctioneer, in Villefranche-sur-Saône, builds this street art specialty year after year: We have a partnership with Canal flea market. The collaboration has enabled us to have a permanent space exhibiting young artists, who are present at the start of the exhibition, and we then find their works in our sales. The system is a winner for all three parties because everyone comes out of their comfort zone.

I go out of my auction house, the artists learn to present themselves to customers, and the flea market vendors promote emerging young people underlines Maître Richard. Among its clients, many young people at the exhibitions, but the buyers remain mainly in their fifties, collectors, and a certain number of companies which take advantage of the possible tax exemption when it comes to works by living artists. Some then continue with the artists and directly order works, frescoes.

Sadde auctioneer notes for its part that these new clients are still to be educated, to be conquered, especially concerning less known artists. Sales are going very well for known names, and multiples: for example, the sale on November 13 notably offered serigraphs by Shepard Fairey (Obey) sold for 105 to 460 $, engravings by Speedy Graphito (between 140 and 1100 $) ), by Blek le Rat (1000 to 1,200 $) or a serigraphy of Monsieur Chat sold for 300 $. The original works logically have higher ratings: a drawing of JR in black ink was estimated at 1400-1650 $, and a painting by Seen representing Popeye (spray on canvas), 9000-11 000 $.

Other media, the Darmancier et Clair auctioneers in Bourges opened its street art sale on November 16 with a series of stenciled graffiti on blocks of granite and fragments of cement. Parts of a reasonable size (and therefore a weight), estimated between 80 and 180 euros approximately.

Because taking an interest in street art is also an opportunity to confront other supports: pieces of walls, aerosol cans, re-designed skateboards, customized banknotes, cuts, pen drawings… Not always easy for amateurs to find their way! The artists, who have mostly started their careers in the streets, adapt themselves under the influence of galleries and the art market to develop transportable and exhibitable works. They declare their style, their identity on lithographs, engravings, but it must be very strong, recognizable at a glance explains Guilhem Sadde. His auction house recently proposed without success a piece of masonry with a stencil of Miss.Tic, its size and its weight of 100 kg probably discouraged amateurs… Post " Interencheres"