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Professional art expert and art consultant for the international art market and consultant for museums, we provide our clients with services including art appraisal, art authentication and valuation of art. We working principally on art authentication research for major artists, Picasso, Miro, etc. to Pollock, Warhol, ... to Rivera, Matta ... to old masters: Rubens, Rembrandt, Velasquez.... 
Gerard Van Weyenbergh was invited as an art expert in authentication of art on BBC radio shows, several Art news magazines, on TV shows on History channel. 
We are working on several projects with the Abu Dhabi Louvre museum. We working in collaboration with several museum, Getty, Lacma, Moma, Louvre, Guggenheim, ...IFAA 
An art appraisal is a rather simple research, it doesn't warrant that an artwork is authentic. From Rubens and Rembrandt to modern masters such as Picasso, Miro, Chagall and many others we provide art appraisals and value estimates online, on site, all over the world. 
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Each artist has his own sole recognized authenticator. If you want to donate, sell, insure your artwork you will need to have an art authentication or certificate of authenticity ( COA). Our relationship for 35 years with most of the authorized sole recognized experts for each artist allows us to provide this art authentication research service under the best conditions. The link will send you to help topics pages ..
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