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We have a constant demand for good artwork, from old masters to contemporary art, from European art to Asian art. We handle artworks from $ 10,000 value up to several million $. Last paintings we sold are a Whanki Kim oil painting for $ 650,000, a Picasso for $ 2 Million, a painting attributed to Peter Paul Rubens for $ 85,000, a Carlos Merida for $ 55,000, etc. 
We are working in total discretion to not overexpose your artwork. With our connections to private collectors worldwide, relationships we built over several decades, we assure our consignors of the best possible result.

How does art consignment work?
Art consignment can be generally described as a work of art being delivered by its owner —the consignor— to a specialist art vendor —the consignee— for the purpose of being sold at some time in the future. Vendors include art dealers and auction houses


What is consignment?
Consignment is when we sell artworks for an owner. The owner keeps ownership of his item until it sells if it sells. As the owner, you'd pay us a small fee as compensation for them selling your item. ... Generally, between 10% and 20%.

A consignment sale?
A consignment sale is an arrangement in trade in which a seller or the consignor sends goods to a buyer or consignee without getting paid for the goods then itself. The consignee or the buyer pays the amount only when the goods are sold.


About sales tax:
Sales Tax. ... Because they do not purchase the items they sell on consignment, the stores do not owe sales tax when they acquire items for sale. Likewise, sellers placing their property on consignment don't need to worry about collecting sales tax from the storage

Pro forma file for an art consignment click here

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