Brussels,1948 - 

Passionate about communication and art; very young, the beauty of things fascinates her; she differentiates herself by originality, imagination and search for perfection; she attends the academy of Ixelles and expresses her emotions through photography, through the realization of display decorations, by the creation of gardens and today by the path of painting.

She became a companion of European Artistic Merit - Belgium in 2004 - Her numerous exhibitions, both collective and individual, have earned her great esteem and her participation in the European Artistic Merit - Belgium gives her many distinctions: Gold medal in 2005 - 2006 - 2007; the trophy for the Recognition of High Artistic Qualification in 2008; as well as the gold medal of West Flanders in 2005. In 2010, She was distinguished at the Loire - Atlantique fair, organized by the European Artistic Merit - France in Mesquer and received the first prize, the gold medal.


67 cm x 67 cm |  26 1/3 x 26  1/3 inch. 
Oil on canvas 

US $  4,000 + shipping from Belgium
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102 cm x 122 cm | 40 x 48 inch.
Oil on canvas 

US $  6,000+ shipping from Belgium
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82 cm x 82 cm | 32 1/3 x 32 1/3 inch.
Oil on canvas 

US $ 4,000 + shipping from Belgium

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