• gerard van weyenbergh

14 French museums put online 100,000 artworks photos, free to use.

From the Petit Palais to Carnavalet, from the Cognacq-Jay Museum to the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris, this "open content" operation aims to "promote the increase in the visibility of works and knowledge of collections in France and abroad " , explained Paris Musées in a press release.

These museums, containing many treasures, suffer from the notoriety of Parisian giants like the Louvre, Orsay, the Grand Palais or the Center Pompidou.

The opening of the data "guarantees free access and reuse by all of the digital files, without technical, legal or financial restrictions, for commercial or non-commercial use, " said Paris Musées.

Beyond the 100,000 of today, Paris Musées will put more and freer access images as they are digitized and when they go into the public domain.

It will now suffice for the Internet user to go to the Paris Musées collections site, and, using keywords - for example, Petit Palais and Claude Monet - to display all the corresponding works, accompanied by cards indicating the date of realization, the materials used, the origin.

It will then suffice to download the image he has chosen to have it in high definition.

Each user will receive in addition to the image and the notice of the work, an invitation to cite the source and the information on the work.

"If this license is already used by international museums such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Paris Musées is the first French Parisian institution to take it up," the press release said.

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