• gerard van weyenbergh

From genius to fraud?

Son of a renowned museum curator and a graduate of the famous Goldsmiths University in London, Inigo Philbrick had everything to succeed in life after acquiring experience at the age of 23 in modern and contemporary art within the famous Cube Gallery.

The young man has gone wrong by embezzling millions of dollars from his clients before disappearing to escape prison.

Having quickly climbed the ranks at Cube before taking off as an international broker, Inigo had ended up leading a playboy existence in London and Miami. He was participating in large auctions except that behind his facade of respectable man, he hid a somber character ready to do anything to make a fortune.

Suddenly, Philbrick found himself accused of having fooled a number of clients by selling them the same work for over a million dollars without delivering it or by fabricating false documents before disappearing from circulation when he was summoned to a London court.

Philbrick had forgotten that selling the same work to several clients was a quick process, just like soliciting loans that he was unwilling to repay when transactions in the art market were often based on confidence, a quality he did not care about.

In the meantime, he has left behind a plethora of victims who have only had their eyes to cry after he has become a fugitive now wanted by Interpol. © Adrian Darmon link1 new artnet: link2 iysartlaw.com