• gerard van weyenbergh

Art expert, is buying fine art a good investment? Part 2

Does the desired artwork fit in your home interior?

You are going to live with it and see it every day; it is advised to buy items that will be loved by everybody? A painting about the crucifixion may not be pleasing to everyone. For your home, consider the investment as secondary.

Are important masters in the reach of new amateurs?

Experienced and wealthy collectors are always looking for significant artworks by famous artists. These major collectors are playing in another league than the ordinary art lover. Nonetheless, early works by important artists or eventually so as for Picasso, artworks made in the winter of their life, are still affordable.

The amateur that wants to have a major artist in his collection can always look for drawings or even lithographs.

Drawings related to a well-known artwork by a major artist will always be a good investment.

Buy fine art with your feeling but remain in control!

Decide of a maximum bid for an item you want to buy in auction.


Did a famous collector own the piece?

The name of a former owner of an artwork is very important.

For example, if it is an artwork that was owned by a President of the USA, it will always fetch a better price in an auction.

Was the artwork exhibited in a museum or a major gallery?

For example, for Picasso, paintings that were in the collection of Paul Rosenberg, US merchant for Picasso artworks, the provenance will add value to the artwork.

What are people buying today?

It is very important to follow what style is collected the most in a certain time frame. For example, Banksy's works are, in my opinion, very good investments.

Documentation and art fairs!

It is important to visit art fairs.

Fairs Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, TEFAF, Frieze, etc. are major art fairs, where you will discover who are the upcoming artists.

Visiting galleries of contemporary art can be a source of information on upcoming artists.

Look for the bibliography of the artist you want to buy, his catalogs of exhibitions, critic posts in News Papers, etc.