• gerard van weyenbergh

Yung Cheng Lin, "This is my body"

It's simple: you put hips where there were shoulders, an arm where there was one leg, four feet where there should be two, and you follow the movement of these new members. Here, this double female body looks like an omega on legs, ready to spin its skirts.

All, by the grace of photographic processes, which no longer surprise anyone, but which have a lot of charm in Yung Cheng Lin work. Also known as "3 cm", this Taiwanese artist explores the feminine under the skin, under the hair, sometimes under the sex, using clothespins, threads, lace, fine milk flows or blood. She has something of the American photographer, dead at 22, Francesca Woodman, but joyful and in color, who would be happy in a very personal way.

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