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About the complaint made by Mrs Rosa Kazarian on yelp:


I had met Gerard in November 3, 2020 during the pandemic, no figure perfect time for him to scam people. I met with him and his wife November 14, 2020 and he used very persuasive, likable and convincing words. Then he said he can help me with my paintings I had shown him. I then paid him for 2 paintings for $3,000 ($1,500 for each to do research to authenticate).

On October 6, 2021 he texted me, "I understand you 100%. If I do not have the response by end of the year I will reimburse you. I will send you an email I received from the vangogh museum, it will make you understand what a mess we are in".

It's April 25, 2023 and he has not repaid me back. Gerard is a liar and a thief. I am telling you my experience so that no one will go through what I did. He is a great manipulator in believing he is going to get you big bucks for your painting but he is a FRAUD. I have text messages from him for proof if anyone would like to see what I had to deal with. Do not trust this man, he is a FRAUD. He has caused so much stress to me that it's indescribable.

Mrs. Rosa Kazarian received 
1/ on 21 January 2021 a complete authentication research for her Bonnard drawing : 64 pages see document
2/ on 29 January 2021 a complete authentication research for her Exter artwork : 82 pages see document
3/ on 27 December 2021 Mrs Kazarian received the negatives responses for the authenticity of both artworks. see document
Mrs Kazarian thinks that when you go to see a lawyer and he does not obtain a positive result he needs to reimburse Mrs. Kazarian
Also when she goes to a doctor, if she is not healed she wants her money back... 
In my 45 years career I never met a dishonest woman like Mrs. Rosa Kazarian. 
Very sad story, luckily I have hundreds of good stories.

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