• gerard van weyenbergh

Always mention 'attributed to" in a sale

Art is on the internet, in big and small auctions, in thrift stores, galleries, fairs, EVERYWHERE because the art business involves a lot of money and lots of money.

Many little and big sharks are waiting to tear you apart to get your money.

They will use all kinds of scams.

Certificates and provenance statements of all kinds are proposed to buyers.

"For example, a Picasso painting authenticated by a NY gallery, as prestigious it may be, will be not accepted to be offered in a major auction house. But a certificate of authenticity "has to be made by the SOLELY RECOGNIZED UNIVERSAL EXPERT for an artist. It has to receive the certificate of authenticity from the Picasso Administration, with no exceptions. A certificate needs to be not older than six months; I require a new certificate of authenticity each time I sell a painting. Sometimes a recognized authority is no longer the authority, so Mrs. Maya Picasso, who made certificates for years, is no longer the recognized expert.

I advise a seller of an artwork always to mention in the bill of sale that the painting is " ATTRIBUTED TO". It avoids the possibility of being sued by a buyer if there is a contestation of the authenticity. A solely recognized expert may be replaced so rapidly by a new expert that you may sell a painting with a no longer valid Certificate of Authenticity, COA.

When you buy an artwork with the mention attributed to there might be a degree of uncertainty, it is up to the buyer to verify the authenticity.

When a painting is "attributed" to an artist, it means that in the opinion of a knowledgeable expert on the artist in question, the art is probably by the hand of that artist.

Numerous sellers on eBay use the designation “attributed to” and think thereby to have no responsibility towards less gifted buyers. But this mention is valid only when made by an art expert. After vs Attributed to

The word after is often used in the labeling of a painting. It means it is a copy of an artist’s work.