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Banksy claims new street art work in Nottingham

Banksy claims new street art work in Nottingham On Saturday October 17, Banksy posted his latest work on his Instagram account. © Instagram / Banksy / Banksy

On Saturday October 17, Banksy shared his latest Street Art work on social networks. This is a stencil of a child hula hooping on a brick wall in Nottingham (England). Last week the most famous Anonymous Street Artist hit… in Nottingham. A strange coincidence for the man nicknamed the Robin Hood of art. Since Tuesday, October 13, a new Banksy stencil has been sitting on the wall of a hairdressing salon in the English city. If the style and spirit of the fresco immediately reminded residents of the artist's work, it was not until October 17 that Banksy claimed responsibility for it. In all sobriety, he contented himself with posting a photo of the stencil on his Instagram account, without any caption, unlike his previous works If you don't mask - you don't get , or his homage to George Floyd . The street as a field of art and play According to a grocer, a neighbor of the hairdressing salon, questioned by the BBC channel, a van would have parked last Tuesday night and would have remained several hours in front of the wall. Once the vehicle disappeared, the fresco would have appeared. The work was then quickly covere

d with a Plexiglas plate to avoid any degradation or even destruction. Since the installation of the protection, vandals have already tried two or three times to cover the graffiti with spray. A fact which is far from surprising. Indeed, acts of vandalism and thefts of Banksy's works are not uncommon. As a reminder, in September 2019, in Paris, several individuals cut out with a grindstone the metal panel on which was a stencil of the Street Artist. This new black and white stencil represents a girl who hula hoops with a bicycle tire, located behind a real bicycle, whose front wheel is veiled and the rear wheel is missing, hanging from a lamppost. More than a simple fresco, the work could be an installation. Indeed, the manager of the hairdressing salon told the British agency Press Association that the bike, whose design echoes, was not present before Tuesday. Banksy therefore continues to use the street as an art and playground where his works fit fully into the urban environment and have meaning thanks to their staging.