• gerard van weyenbergh

Belgium man bought $ 550 a painting that could fetch $ 33,000,000

The buyer unknowingly acquired a canvas that could be a Rembrandt, he learned decades later after several estimates.

This is called being lucky.

A Belgian could find himself at the head of an unexpected fortune: while he bought a painting ten years ago for 500 euros, is now estimated at 30 million euros. This incredible story is relayed in the columns of SudPresse.

The man, presented as "an easy trader" by the Belgian media, acquired this work on a bar counter. When he was in a bar in Herstal in Belgium, he agreed to buy this painting from a guy a little lost, in his words, to allow him to get his head out of the water and to pay off part of these debts. The deal was concluded for 500 euros.

A 17th century painting

But an art lover friend suggested that he estimate the painting, called Ecce homo, which represents Jesus. After several estimates, the verdict of the Belgian Chamber of experts on works of art falls: it could be a painting by the Dutchman Rembrandt, considered as one of the greatest painters in history, dating from the 17th century.

With the 30 million euros (at least) that the sale of this painting could bring him, the merchant plans to invest in his favorite football club.

Almost burglarized

According to a specialist, the Ecce homo panel (painting of Christ presented to the crowd) could be one of the painter's masterpieces. It is now kept in a bank safe.

To make matters worse, the lucky owner's bar was burglarized only a short time after the panel was appraised. Article from Sud Presse