• gerard van weyenbergh

David Hockney: do remember they can't cancel the spring!

A patch of fresh grass, a clear sky towards which point four dazzling daffodils, like so many small suns. And then this title: Do remember they can't cancel the spring, or, in French, "Remember though they can't cancel the spring". This benevolent message comes straight from the Caen region, and is addressed to us by David Hockney!

The grandpa star of contemporary art , who left the Californian sun more than a year ago for the more capricious one of Normandy, yesterday shared this drawing made on the iPad (at over 83 years old, the artist remains keen on new technologies and continues to create on all kinds of digital media). With this sun-drenched nature, in full rebirth, Hockney offers us a great lesson in resilience. At a time when everyone is invited to stay at home, the painter opens a window to his daily life, recalling that, if the world is idling, nature continues to do its work. Slowly but surely. In the language of flowers, the daffodil, or Narcissus, is also synonymous with waiting ... Patience, therefore, suggests Hockney: spring is coming and, no doubt, better days. Beaux Arts Magazine