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Georgia O'Keeffe at Centre Pompidou until 12/06/2021

The exhibition :

The Center Pompidou presents the first retrospective in France of Georgia O'Keeffe (1887 - 1986), one of the greatest figures of North American art of the 20th century. Rich with a hundred paintings, drawings and photographs, the exhibition offers a complete journey through his artistic career. Disappeared at the age of 98, Georgia O'Keeffe will have gone through most of the aesthetic adventures of the previous century. In the 1920s, she belonged to the restricted circle of inventors of American modernism, then took part, in the 1930s, in the search for identity which marked the United States, before becoming in the 1960s a pioneer of abstract painting "hard edge".

Critic opinion:

► ► ► Georgia O'Keeffe is one of the greatest painters. She is amazing. [...] She manages to bring the color by the light. It is very impressive in the painting "Gray Cross with blue" in which we only see a white cross with a gradient of mauve which goes to a lighter blue then a dark blue. It scrapes the eye, it cleanses us the eye as a light opening. Going to see Georgia O'Keeffe is not going to see flowers, Manhattan or the deserts that she admired, it is above all to see painting and receive light in your eyes. Corinne Rondeau

► ► ► It is a very daring exhibition. Georgia O'Keeffe, it is her incredible sense of color: stridences with greens, yellows, and especially incredible pinks which completely make the space vibrate. We are in another history of modern art. We get lost a little in the scenography of this exhibition, but I think that not only is it voluntary, but that it is even beneficial in a certain way. That is to say that obviously, the curator wanted to follow the movement of the work and not to force it, which is obviously very interesting compared to the vision that we usually have of the history of modern painting and in particular of American modernism. We see that Georgia O'Keeffe does not care about the relationship between abstraction and figuration. [... ] There are ultimately very few subjects in his work, but they come back throughout his career and this exhibition invites us to browse the paintings as in a garden. We are in an analogy that is very close to the work of O'Keeffe. Stéphane Corréard

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a presentation of the exhibition at Centre Pompidou


a collection of 294 paintings