• gerard van weyenbergh

Hans Hartung, retrospective with video.

The last retrospective in a French museum dating from 1969, it was important to give Hans Hartung (1904-1989) all the visibility he deserves. The exhibition takes a new look at the work of this major artist of the 20th century and his essential role in the history of art. Hans Hartung was a precursor of one of the most significant artistic inventions of his time: abstraction.

Actor of a century of painting, which he goes through with a thirst for freedom - despite the rise of fascism in his country of origin Germany, the precariousness of the post-war in France and the physical and moral consequences - he will never stop painting.

The retrospective itinerary includes a narrow selection of around three hundred works, coming from French and international public and private collections, and for the most part from the Hartung-Bergman Foundation. This tribute follows the museum's acquisition in 2017 of a set of four works by the artist.

The exhibition shows the great diversity of media, the wealth of technical innovations, and the diversity of tools used during six decades of production. Hans Hartung, who places experimentation at the heart of his work, also embodies uncompromising modernity, with a conceptual dimension. Hans Hartung paved the way for some of his peers, like Pierre Soulages, who always admitted this lineage.

The exhibition is build as a succession of chronological sequences in the form of four main sections. Composed not only of paintings, but it also includes photographs, testifying to this practice, which accompanied all of his artistic research. Sets of graphic works, illustrated limited editions, experiments on ceramics, as well as a selection of painted pebbles complete the presentation and retrace his unique itinerary.

To highlight Hans Hartung's journey, this exhibition offers archival documents, books, correspondence, notebooks, sketches, youth diaries, catalogs, boxes of invitations, posters, photographs, documentaries, etc.

A key figure in abstraction in the 20th century, Hans Hartung does not allow himself to be circumscribed in this role of historical precursor, because his vision of an art turned towards the future, towards human and technological progress, comes to question us today again. The tour brings tension and dialogue between these two complementary aspects, which constitute the common thread of this exhibition.

MAM Paris Teaser Museum: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7mr3qj

Hans Hartung @ Galerie Perrotin Shanghai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIvMZa0Gs3U

Hans Hartung @ Galerie Perrotin New York: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq5wJ0c_XRo