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  • gerard van weyenbergh

Is it a good idea to invest in fine art?

If you want to know why investing in fine art is a secure investment today, there are many articles written by the most credible experts in fine art.

As an investment advisor, I encourage investors not put all their eggs in the same basket, and advise diversity in their investments between different forms of art, modern , contemporary, ols masters but also advise to avoid prints Irving Schorsch in the Huffington Post read more

Every body understands the need of diversity in investments.

Art & Finance report 2014 Download the report (PDF - 4.5 MB)

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To invest in fine art, and not wake up with an hangover you need the help of an art expert.

A Fine art expert should be able to help somebody to build a fine art collection. BUT: -does he has the experience of buying artworks -does he has the experience of auctions and the auction "after sales"..very common all over the world -does he has the experience necessary to discern the quality -does he has the experience to guess what will be sold at higher prices

I can go on and go on for pages. A good fine art expert needs a lot experience, in multiple domains as we saw here above.

Buying fine art requires experience. If you buy from a gallery exhibiting a painter named X - he needs the skills to bring the prices down from the asked prices, since the sales prices of an item in a gallery reflects usually 50% of it for the gallery and 50 % of it for the artist. If you buy from an auction, you need to have the best relationship with the auction house to know the provenance, the hidden problems with an artwork, etc and this info will be given to known experts to the auction house, or to experts with a verifiable CV etc If you buy from a collector, the expert needs to know if the seller is aware of the real value of an item, if this is not a chapel ( a house or condo where some merchants displaying their unsalable merchandise), how to act with a seller who is not willing to let go his item below his reserve price, This explains why if you want it to be a good idea to invest in fine art, you need to be in contact with a good art appraisal and authentication expert.

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