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  • gerard van weyenbergh

Live art auctions attract young collectors

Live auctions attract a young generation of collectors.

Live auction sales attract uninitiated buyers at auctions. In fact, according to a study, 32% of new registrants (less than six months old) are under the age of forty. Among them, 50% had never bought at auction before. Who are these young bidders ? ► 15% are students. ► 63% had no followers of auctions in their immediate circle and discovered auctions through word of mouth. ► 44% buy works of art. ► 70% buy exclusively live. ► 60% declare that attractive prices are their primary motivation. ► 37% devote an annual budget of more than 1,000 euros to auctions. ► 16% also auctioned fashion pieces, antiques, or consumer goods. Thanks to this study, we observe the arrival of new young collectors who have not been initiated by those around them and who discover the auctions thanks to Live sales. The auctions are democratizing, they are no longer reserved for connoisseurs. On the contrary, carried in particular by the numerous television programs, they are attracting more and more young people who are collectors of today and tomorrow. Article Inter Encheres

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