• gerard van weyenbergh

Populism opposed to culture

It concerns the disempowerment of political elites.

Across the world, populism is gaining ground, putting apprentice sorcerers in power. Even Italy, so cultured, succumbed to this obscurantism. How not to worry about these anachronistic demagogues who lead insane, selfish policies, to the detriment of the following generations to whom they will leave a planet in danger, piles of debt, and reflexes of withdrawal?

Politics are not the only ones involved. Across the Channel, the British tabloids have played with fire by misinforming their readers. In France, also certain media are lost. When the 24-hour news channels devote hours of air to the clashes during the protests of the "yellow vests", they excite the demonstrators by giving them a disproportionate audience and, by a magnification effect, project a biased image of the situation. The demagoguery of politicians meets the race for media audiences. All this once again at the expense of the general interest.

No wonder, then, that the lousy example from "above" prompts "people below" to do the same.

Apart from thugs and delinquents who loot shops, the majority of demonstrators express their ill-being in contradictory injunctions and behave like these children who rebel against their parents knowing well that they will always provide them with emotional and material security. Free access to healthcare and education, modern infrastructure, and social assistance does not come from the sky.

Since ever, we know that culture and education are the only levers for raising individuals to put them in the intellectual dispositions allowing them to agree to reconcile general interest and personal interest.

Yes, but how to do it?

Le Journal des Arts