• gerard van weyenbergh

The MET shows the Wrightsman collection from 11/15/19 until 02/16/20.

Pieter Paul Rubens, Eugene Delacroix, Tiepolo, Georges dela Tour, Camille Pissaro, are just some names of this exceptional art collection.

Not only the names of the artists are prestigious, but unlike the Getty museum, where we see many secondary works by important masters, the Wrightsman collection includes some of the best works by the masters.

Thanks to a statement from the Metropolitan, we know a little more about this legacy, much of which is up for a special exhibition from November 15 to February 16, 2020.

This good news comes with only one regret: that all the works donated by Wrigthsman can not be taken out of the Metropolitan Museum for the loan to other museums for exhibitions. Those who want to admire them will have to go to New York.

See the article published by the Metropolitan museum, showing some the incredible important paintings: