• gerard van weyenbergh

Virtually visit Monet's house in Giverny

Installed from 1883 in the Normandy town, Claude Monet, the Doctor of Impressionism, will have made the world travel by painting his house, especially his incredible garden in series - the Water Lilies. Does that mean anything to you?

If the weather lends itself to going green, confinement calls for putting in a bell. Fortunately, the property of Claude Monet, which has become the headquarters of the foundation bearing his name, can be visited virtually from the Internet. And when some visits sting the eyes, this walk in the painter's house is pleasant (remember to activate the full-scrVeen mode), playing the card of ease of use with beautiful photos and brief descriptions.

The opportunity to discover the painter's studio, his collection of Japanese prints and to know that he was heavily sprinkled.

For the visit of the Monet Foundation, it's here.

For the Water Lilies room , it is this way.

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