• gerard van weyenbergh

Voyage 5 in Hopper landscapes: Second Story Sunlight 1960

Doll houses

During his later years, Hopper focused on his favorite subject: painting the effect of sunlight on houses. The sharp edges and contours are highlighted by sharp contrasts between the dazzling whiteness façades, bluish shadows, dark roof, and acid green shutters. On the balcony, a woman with white hair reads a book, while a young blonde in a swimsuit, sitting in amazon on the railing, looks into the distance. She dreams, perhaps, of escaping from this impeccable order.

With his lonely characters trapped in empty and motionless settings, his scenes of disturbing clarity, and his dramatic contrasts of light and shadow, the American realist painter Edward Hopper (1882 - 1967) inspired the greatest filmmakers. At the Fondation Beyeler, in Switzerland, an exhibition brings together sixty-five of his paintings, watercolors, and drawings of landscapes.